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BotSport Inc is a new company based in San Francisco, California.

We believe that the growth of enthusiasm for Robots is inevitable for without a doubt, its the next generation of technology. RoboCup Soccer is leading a way to its rapid increase.
Botsport.tv is a media production company focusing in Robotic Events highlighting Autonomous Humanoids Competitions.
BotSport.tv will be using different platforms broadcasting videos in full HD through YouTube and Tudou for China viewers, compatible not just to your computer but to your mobile phones and tablets as well.
At present, BotSport.tv have already accumulated about 2,000,000 videos viewed and it is just the beginning.


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BotSport is a web tv focused on humanoid robot competitions.

BotSport Team

Carissa PEREZ
Host / Editor-in-chief
Location: America

I'm fun and nice. I like things. I love people. I am happy and hyper. I am easy going, but maybe a little OCD. As a child, I was very introverted and shy but now I am very outgoing. Sometimes I talk too much, other times I have nothing to say. I'm sort of smart and a little bit interesting. I just moved to Mexico City to have adventures, experience my culture, teach English and live with the love of my life..

Yves-Alexandre SIMON
Chief Executive Officer
Location: Europe

As an innovative entrepreneur in the new technologies, in 2000, I co-founded the goFluent group who become a key player in the education industry. In 2010 I decided to create a webTv dedicated to robotic competitions. I am also, since 2013, R&D Director for the group Acensi.

Antoine SIMON
Multimedia / Broadcasting Manager
Location: Europe

I like Coke®, sport, my 2 daughters, my girlfriend (hum I love her), the FishEye lense on my Nikon D90... I don't like normal people, fish, politicians, cofee...

Photographer & Artist
Location: America

Photographer and documentary self-made by sublime experiences, critical, dark and bright life. Themes are: Controversial issues, the contrasts, the forbidden, the sensual, the erotic and the autopsicoanalisis are aspects that makes my life and work. People only dare to change their state of comfort when threatened by a process of crisis and survival. They can then evolve.

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